the reasons we love Kathleen Q, and why she freaks me out


For Glorious Ravage, Kathleen Quillian is creating four hand-animated “postcards” from some of the faraway places in our Victorian lady heroines’ travels. Here’s a sneak preview of one piece of an animation she is creating about Isabella Bird – who famously made her own riding outfit so she could ride a horse straddled like a man would. The thing about Kathleen and why she is insane and amazing is, she sewed the riding outfit pictured here herself, from bolts of fabric and a vintage pattern – got her sister-in-law to pose in it, then Photoshop-ed the photo into this image you see here with a de- and re-constructed, and soon-to-be-animated, horse. Do you have any idea how much time and energy and thought went into this one image, let alone the hundreds that make up one of her animations? Astounding!