summer at the Headlands

2015-06-29 16.13.53

Part two of my Headlands Center for the Arts residency wrapped up in late June – we had the largest group rehearsal yet up here, with Dina Maccabee joining from the East Coast, and Vinny Golia driving up from LA with a van full of obscure and extraordinary wind instruments.

Two weeks here just flew by this time, since it was a serious period to headlands-pic3solve some musical problems and have a chance to workshop some ideas with the band. Late at night working in this cavernous barn of a studio, it was just me and the wind (the wind!) and the field mice just going about our business, hours flying by – and then the dark coyote-filled walk back to the house in the dead of night. Such an intense and immersive experience.

Also had a super fun photo shoot with Myles Boisen to create some promo artwork for the premieres, and spent the day with him tromping around in the greenery – all the while wearing headlands-pic2the Victorian riding outfit Kathleen Quillian sewed for one of her animations, and also – get this! – a prosthetic bun and pompadour so I could fake a decent Victorian silhouette. The strange things we do for our art. I still have both prostheses if anyone needs to borrow them.